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The Goo Dublin Jazz Round-Up - January

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So here we are now, falling face-first into a new year. Well at least there’s still gigs. Tasty, delicious, gigs…

BAN BAM is a biennial commission for female and gender-minority artists from the island-of-Ireland, presented by IMC (Dublin) and Moving on Music Belfast). Saturday, Jan 20th will see the premiere live performances of new works by the 2023 BAN BAM composers: Meliana Gillard, Bianca Gannon and Carole Nelson. 7:30pm at The Smock Alley Theatre.

The Dublin Jazz Co-op present the debut show for new outfit Collider featuring Chris Guilfoyle on guitar, Darragh O’Kelly on synths, Steve Welsh on more synths and Shane O’Donovan on drums. The lads intend to play live drum and bass, house music and IDM. Expect “a unique night in The Vintage Room with a convergence of analog and digital, where the improvisational spirit of jazz meets the innovative beats of electronic music.” Jan 28th at The Vintage Room, Workmans.

Long-standing Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profética hit Dublin for the second time. Founding membersWilly Rodríguez (bass guitar, vocals), Eliut González (guitar), Omar Silva (guitar, bass guitar) will be onstage along with some newbies. Feb 5th at Opium.

Those seeking an alternative cello festival will have their needs met at SPIKE, Alternative Cello Festival. On the agenda: live performances by two new groups led by leading cellists Gay-yee Westerhoff and Naomi Berrill.FIRL, featuring Gay-yee Westerhoff (cello, keyboards) and Eos Counsell (violins, electronics) will present a collection of cinematic, nature-inspired compositions for cello, violin, piano, and birdsong. While the Naomi Berrill Trio featuring, you guessed it, Naomi Berrill (cello, vocals), Lorenzo Pellegrini (guitar, synth and vocals), and Andrea Beninati (drums, cello) will present their recently released album “Inish”, a jazz-based rumination on islands and island-life. Feb 9th at the Sugar Club.

Mario Bakuna and Roberto Manzin invite the good people of Dublin to celebrate the American saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist João Gilberto in a tribute to the iconic 1964 album ‘Getz/Gilberto’. This record popularised bossa nova worldwide and is one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time. Feb 10th at Arthurs.

River Daughter are three recent graduates of DCU’s jazzer course, Rufina Tishina (vocals), Rory Fleming (baritone sax) and Emily O'Rourke (guitar). They have plans to perform a variety of jazz standards and compositions from artists such as Bill Evans, Ornette Coleman, Emily Remler and more on Feb 11th at Arthurs. Tip!

Zoé Basha and French musician Aina Tulier will soon be touring Ireland with works they have been developing which explore the links between Appalachian, Irish and Occitan traditional music. Zoé will release her debut album in 2024: a mix of traditional ballads and original pieces blending traditional singing, jazz and blues music. Aina is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (nyckelharpa, fiddle, Gascon bagpipes) specialising in both playing and teaching a variety of traditional music styles. Expect “bold vocal harmonies, fiddles, and nyckelharpa”. Feb 16th at The Cobblestone. Big tip!

If you fancy a spin up north,SOULTRANE festival promises “an unforgettable day filled with the best soul and jazz music that Northern Ireland has ever seen!”. The lineup features British soul icon Omar, Beyond the Blue, Manukahunney and fast rising sensation August Charles. Not bad hai. Feb 17th, Mandela Hall, Belfast. Tickets on Eventbrite.

This Afro-Brazilian Carnival celebration will featureYankari, Elikya, Zeembass, Edi Cavaco, Will Kanela and more and the evening will culminate with a supergroup performance of Jorge Ben Jor’s 1976 masterpiece LP ‘Africa Brazil.’ Sounds amazing. Feb 17th at The Sugar Club.

Irish jazzer-supergroupThe Workshop hit Thomas street for their rescheduled date after their original show got pulled due to ‘the riots’. Expect to find Bill Blackmore trumpeting, Chris Engel saxophoning, Matthew Jacobson drumming, Cormac O’Brien bassing and Darragh O’Kelly keyboarding. Feb 18th at Arthurs.

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