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The return of Radio Free Europe

I first encountered that term, Radio Free Europe, on REM’s debut album Murmer. In reality, RFE was a US, likely CIA funded, radio station that broadcast propaganda into the Warsaw Pact countries from 1949 onwards in a bid to destabilise communism. If only they had had Twitter. We’re not looking to start a palace revolt, we would just like to get you listening to some of the great music that comes our way in the process of putting 12 Points together every year. Like other music from the road less travelled, jazz is slowly disappearing from view on the daytime schedule of public radio, and your chances of hearing improvised music on commercial radio are zero on a good day. But why waste your energy on the debate about terrestrial radio when the web is offering us opportunities to broadcast in new ways, listening wherever and whenever we feel like it? So, along with our new website we are dipping our toe into the world of web broadcast with Radio 12 Points, a journey in jazz from across Europe every fortnight, brought to you in tasty 30 minute portions. I’ve been presenting a weekly world music show on Irish national radio for the last ten years, and all the faders on a radio desk are the same, whatever the genre. As a taster of what to expect with Radio 12 Points over the coming months, lets start with some highlights of the artists who’ve lit up 12 Points over the last five years...


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