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WAX ON Summer 2018 Series

Since our first event in November 2017 focusing on trumpeter Miles Davis’, WAX ON at The Workmans has developed into a popular and engaging monthly event, where jazz fans of all levels of interest and knowledge are invited to lose themselves in the iconic recordings and life stories of the genre’s most influential artists. Moderated by Irish Times music critic Cormac Larkin, each month has a different panel of jazz aficionados to share their insights and give context to the artist’s career, their recordings as well as the social, political and personal stories of the period.

As we head into our 6th edition (WAX ON Wayne Shorter this Wednesday 18th April) we are also delighted to announce that our next 5 editions of the series have been set and are now on sale!

From May to September, we will continue our journey through the history of jazz with a mix of early jazz icons, as well as some more contemporary names who have followed in their footsteps and made the genre their own. Over the next few months, we are casting the net wide, presenting a broad spectrum of the jazz world, mixing it up with contemporary artists such as Wayne Shorter (happening this Wednesday) and Carla Bley, while revisiting some beloved heroes of jazz, like Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker and the irrespressible composer and big band leader Duke Ellington. Not to mention our own Irish jazz icon Louis Stewart.

Whether you are a hardcore devoted jazz fan, or a total newcomer, join us at an upcoming WAX ON evening in the cosy Vintage Room at The Workman’s Club for an intimate listening party and space for jazz talk.

See below for the next few WAX ON events

WAX ON #6 Wayne Shorter: Wednesday 18th April 7-9pm

WAX ON #7 Duke Ellington: Wednesday 23rd May 7-9pm

WAX ON #8 Carla Bley: Wednesday 20th June 7-9pm

WAX ON #9 Charlie Parker: Wednesday 25th July 7-9pm

WAX ON #10 Louis Stewart: Wednesday 22nd August 7-9pm

WAX ON #11 Billie Holiday: Wednesday 26th September 7-9pm

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