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WorldService Project new album For King and Country

With high anticipation for the release of WorldService Project’s third album For King and Country, we jumped at the chance to nab them for a gig. 12 Points Plus at MusicTown was the perfect opportunity. So what can we expect from their new material?

Stompingly raw and punky...a riotously entertaining live-band...highly creative” - The Guardian

When WSP gave their vivacious performance at 12 Points 2012, the band were preparing for the release of their punchy second album Fire in a Petshop. Oscillating between the conventions of formal composition and outright grunginess, WSPs unique sense of humor is exceptionally portrayed in their second album, as is their highly creative straight face. Farmyard honkings combined with free-jazz melees, thrash chords and bebop to trad-jazz mixed with flatulent free trombone eruptions on another, the audience at 12 Points 2012 in Porto were enamored with this London based quintet. So what can we expect from their performance at Meeting House Square on the 13th of April?

…a procession of odd-shaped things, tumbling out driven by heat… knows how to reinvigorate familiar chords”-The Telegraph

From what we’ve heard so far, you are in for a treat with this new material. This wild mix of Frank Zappa, Meshuggah, Stravinsky, Weather Report combined with a Monty Python element is soon to bedazzle you with more prog influence with even more of WSPs unique raw and punky bite we know and love. Listen to Fuming Duck from the new album here!Pianist and leader Dave Morecroft’s playful aesthetic in his composition is perfected here, genres intertwining forming a very unique, fun, sometimes slightly mad sound. With this exceptionally tight group; saxophonist Tim Ower, trombonist Raph Clarkson, bassist Arthur O’Hara and drummer Pete Hill- Wear head-banging hats and prepare for your socks to be rocked off! Get your tickets for12 Points Plus at MusicTown- 19.30 Wednesday 13th of April, Meeting House Square.Tickets are only €5 with all proceeds donated to the Irish Youth Foundation and Fr Peter Mc Verry Trust.



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