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12 Points 2013 - What the Audience Said

Festival is a great idea. Length of sets and variety is just right. Quality of bands very variable. My opinion :
Wednesday night : MOPO – Excellent ; Olivia Trummer Trio – Very Good
Thursday night : THALi – Soil Collectors – Excellent, really went for it, great atmosphere;

Great. Just Great. I appreciate variety greatly.

Nikolas Anadolis – Talented but challenging.

Tonight was amazing. Nikolas Anadolis was absolutely incredible. I’m delighted to have been able to see him play. Beautiful music.Really enjoyed the madness that was koenigleopold!

Mopo was great. Ozma was great. I’m not a big fan of jazz singers. I look forward to the other bands.
The festival is excellent. I wish there was more of this music in Dublin.

New experience but enjoyed it very much! Will be coming back!

Soil Collectors were very inspiring (I’m in a band), loved them.
Loved first act too (THALi), beautiful to see how her trip to India and study informed the story of her music

Amazingly well curated. Did not expect to enjoy THALi or Soil Collectors but was blown away. The most exciting programme of music I have seen in a long time. Thinking about booking flights for next year’s festival already.....!

High quality performance

Unlike anything I have heard before – would not have expected to enjoy it but found it strangely enthralling. Great to have seen and heard something totally different.

Soil Collectors – Amazing, mesmerising.
OKO – Brilliant, progressive

I love what Improvised Music Company do – this festival is so important.

Really enjoyed the mix of genres. On both the first two nights. Good to have a wide range rather than genre specific nights. Great to see Soil Collectors, a not necessarily jazzy band!

Particularly interesting. Sound was exceptionally well felt in that space. Great presence/atmosphere. Very engaging. Caught the second band (Soil Collectors) and OKO. Feels more than just an ordinary gig, and definitely like a festival! Atmosphere was not like the usual Project – felt like somewhere else! Would certainly promote it to my friends.

1) Soulful adored - Hanna Paulsberg
2) Nikolas – talented guy – I personally didn’t connect with his music.
3) koenigleopold – Total surprise – so much fun, loved it! Talented guys.

Well organised, huge variety of music, not over-priced: Great!
Thanks for that!

The stage & background are amazing – can’t get the smoothness and slickness (and the perfect complementariness of each act) of the scene crew(s). This is a very good example of musical co-operation.

Drummer is cute

V. good varied festival. Sat night 1st set excellent, 2nd set a bit too robust!

Wednesday: very good – Loved “OZMA”

Friday: - missed Hanna Paulsberg (but bought the CD!)

Nikolas Anadolis – very talented

koenigleopold – very different
Overall : - shows are good- well balanced andgood range of styles

This was exactly what I needed – experimental jazz followed by classical piano, bookended by fucked up amazing noise finale. Loved it. Thank You.

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