Chris Engel

At age 26, saxophonist Chris Engel has cultivated a very successful career in Jazz, both in Ireland and abroad.

Having performed at numerous festivals, on numerous stages, in numerous countries from as early as age 15, Chris has been fortunate enough to perform alongside some of the greats in the South African and International jazz fraternity. Festivals include Cork Jazz Festival, Bray Jazz Festival,  Derry Jazz Festival, Down with Jazz (Dublin), Kilkenny Arts Festival, Westport Arts Festival, Atina Jazz(Italy), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark), Aarhus Jazz Festival (Denmark), Cape Town International Jazz Festival (where he performed with world renowned American jazz artists Joe McBride, Gerald Veasley and Kenny Blake), the Cape Town Jazzathon, the Grahamstown Jazz Festival (Eastern Cape, South Africa), the annual Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival and The Knysna Oyster festival (Eastern Cape, South Africa).

Over the last 5 or so years, Chris Engel has enjoyed an active career in the field of House, Electronic, and Dance Music. Having been educated in the fields of jazz, improvised music and experimental music for most of his life; Chris started with what some would call an ideal foundation, having the tools necessary to cultivate a truly individual and innovative sound as a “house saxophonist”. Chris holds degrees in Jazz & Improvised Music Performance from both The South African College of Music and The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH).