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Shane is a Dublin based drummer and producer. Currently very active on the Dublin jazz scene, Shane is involved in a number of projects alongside some of Ireland's leading jazz musicians. These include OKO,Gamerz with Kit Downes, BigSpoon, John Moriarty Trio and Plaza Real.

He has also worked with many top international musicians such as Tim Berne, Ernie Watts, Rick Margitza, Ian Shaw, Guy Barker, John Stowell, Greg Osby, Greg Burke and Jamie Oehlers to name a few.

Shane also performes as H-Ci, with music heavily influenced by electronic music artists such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Boards of Canada, but also incorporates elements of contemporary Jazz and avant-garde. With an array of synthesizers and drums, complex layers of rhythm are created through the use of drum machines as well as live acoustic drums, with the melodic content almost exclusively synthesizer based.

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