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The Kobe Trio are just out of the studio having recorded their debut album, with special guest Ciaran Wilde on saxophone. All four musicians are tremendously capable, providing a highly cinematic listening experience, combining the sound of The Bad Plus and Cinematic Orchestra.

The ensemble have concocted a collection of some beautiful soundscapes, weaving their original compositions and intertwining them integrally into their solos.

Each musician has brought out the finest in each other, together working in an ambiant meditative place while leaving plenty of room for improvised antics. Their energetic ostinatos blended with expansive harmonies provide the back-drop to rich solos.

The Trio, along with Wilde on occasion, have performed throughout the north-west of Ireland, including multiple times at the esteemed Sligo Jazz Project, the amazing Cairde Arts Festival as well as the oustanding Carrick Water Music Festival. This is project slowly gaining some real momentum, looking to spread the love and joy of improvising with any and all willing to listen.

The quality of the studio recordings adding to the charm of this lovingly molded album. Moving between trio and quartet line-ups, between angular and elegant, grabbing the listener's attention. Carswell's bass playing meanders and glues each groove while Schmaucks simmers beneath with an array of percussive textures. Murphy's harmonies bloom dreamily with huge depth and Wilde's alto tone both supple and robust as he arpegiates through flowing solos.

Mark Murphy - piano
Jaimie Carswell - bass
Con Schmaucks - drums

More About this Artist

Highly melodic in flavour, with a thoroughly developed sense of improvisational rigour arrived at via authentic band interplay and a flair for playing as one.
Stephen Graham,
Wonderful sounds that transported me into a magical world for a couple of hours.
The Dock Blogger

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