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Hotter Than July

Hotter Than July is an outdoor community event highlighting Irish and Irish-based artists working in ethnic music to present a diverse bill to new audiences.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, for its 7th year Hotter than July was moved to an online space, celebrating inclusivity and diversity withmusic, story-telling, and creativity that was accessible to everyone from home! Proudly presented by Improvised Music Company in association with Dublin City Council, you can watch all of the performances on our Improvised Music Company YouTube channel. See the Hotter Than July festival homepage to learn more.


What is Hotter Than July?

Working in association with Dublin City Council’s Events Unit, IMC has spent 6 years developing an outdoor community event highlighting Irish and Irish-based artists working in ethnic music to present a diverse bill to new audiences. At the heart of this free, family-friendly, alcohol-free event is a reflection of the intercultural diversity in our capital city and throughout Ireland. While Hotter than July unfortunately can't take place in 2022, we hope the festival will return in the future.

Watch Hotter Than July Festival video on Youtube.

Why we are doing it

Hotter Than July is a community event but it also a strong audience development platform for us in generating awareness of IMC’s work, and of your music. It is also important to us, as a publicly funded organisation, to make high-quality music available to diverse communities of all ages and backgrounds, whenever possible.

What it means for you

Hotter Than July is a performance opportunity with guaranteed fees for up to 8 Irish or Irish-based ensembles. Because Hotter Than July is a free event, it attracts audiences of up to 8,000 over the course of the day. This is a large platform to showcase your music and it highlights the wealth of Irish and Irish-based talent we have. A performance will generate exposure for your band or project to new audiences who are not traditionally associated with music concerts.

How to get involved

Let us know if you are interested in performing at Hotter Than July by emailing us at Programming will be primarily of world music, and is curated in line with our artistic strategy and policies for equality.

What we are unable to do

Hotter Than July is a one day event and we cannot accommodate every band. The programming is primarily for ethnic/world and folk music. There are a host of concurrent activities over the 6 hour duration of the event and the musical performances are limited to 6 x 35 minute performances.

Our goals

We will have achieved our goals for a Hotter than July festival in any given year if we have delivered a successful event featuring up to 40 Irish creative professionals and have showcased music & dance to new audiences, particularly audiences who may not have attended ethnic/world music performances before.

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