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Newpark Degree Show* €5

Its twenty years since Ireland's first ever informal jazz improv classes took place in Newpark Music Centre, and today this Dublin southside school offer Ireland's first bachelors degree in jazz performance. Young Irish musicians are now receiving a level of training on a par with other European countries, and it's sure to have a profound and positive impact for jazz here in the years to come. The graduate class of 2008 will be giving you a taste of whats to come with these showcase performances throughout the day, and these five performing groups will provide emphatic evidence that at least the jazz future is bright.

4pm: Paddy Kiernan (bass), Dennis Wiijers (alto), Peter Dobai (tenor)

Shane Latimer (guitar,) Neil Crowley (drums)

5pm: Dave Mulligan (guitar), Aoife Doyle (voice), Peter Erdei (bass) Stephen Kohlmann (drums)

8pm: Rhombus with Dennis Wijers (alto) Paul Williamson (trumpet) Cormac O'Brien (bass), Phil MacMullen (drums)

9pm: Aoife Doyle (voice), So-young Yoon (piano) Dave Redmond (bass)

Kevin Brady (drums)

10pm:So-young Yoon (piano), Lauren Kinsella (voice), Dan Bodwell (bass), Dominic Mullan (drums)

* For info on other Newpark showcases taking place in JJ Smyths throughout May, see

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