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Pendulum- Morla & special guests Yoi-Tang!

For The Irish Times, Morla were the hit of this year’s 12 Points! Festival, where they were praised for “surprising music whose kaleidoscopic colours, textures and original lines constantly confounded expectation.”This creative duo compromises two of the bolder spirits in Irish jazz today, and its also a product of Bottlenote, the Dublin collective that mirrors the emergence of similar coalitions of young musicians throughout Europe. Guitarist Simon Jermyn has just released a debut cd for Barcelona's Fresh Sounds imprint, and his beautifully textured manipulations of the guitar soundworld are a talking point in the Irish jazz scene. Similarly, alto saxophonist Sean Óg has foregone the instrument's linear approach, opting for microtonality, electronica and DIY instruments to forge a personal vocabulary. Catch them before they head off to Italy’s Forigno Festival, and introduce yourself to up and coming Korean born pianist So-Young Yoon with new project Yoi-Tang, which augments her regular trio with guests, saxophonist Cathal Roche and vocalist Lauren Kinsella.

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