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Eve Risser prep piano

PLAYLIST Solo Piano artists, ahead of Eve Risser performance this Sunday 9th October

As we are now halfway through our Autumn phase of 2016’s Solo Piano Series, in association with The Hugh Lane Gallery, it’s a good time to share a PLAYLIST of music from some of the wonderful solo pianists that we have heard so far this year, along with contemporary Irish and international pianists and some of the revolutionists that have brought solo piano to where it stands today. As well as big names in jazz such as Mr keith Jarrett, we have also included some young European pianists that we have come across through our 12 points festival. So a very mixed bag of styles and profile, but one that we hope you will enjoy!


This Sunday 9th October at 12 noon, French pianist Eve Risser will perform at the Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square, Dublin 1. Like many of our Playlist, Risser’s roots are in classical piano, yet has become hugely respected and appreciated in the world of contemporary Jazz piano. Risser has a hugely diverse musical output; firstly, as a performer but also as a composer and an arranger for large ensembles and an orchestrator for her highly acclaimed band White Desert Orchestra. At IMC’s 12 points Festival in 2010, Risser was received with great applaud when she performed with her piano and drum duo Donkey Monkey.

Prepared Piano

At IMC, we appreciate the art of classical music as a vital cornerstone of standards in music, but we also take our hats off to these courageous musicians who push the boundaries of solo piano more and more each day.

‘Composing for the prepared piano is not a criticism of the instrument. I'm only being practical’. – John Cage

By experimenting with simple objects in order to create something that needed to sound like a percussion ensemble, Cage invented a technique of piano playing that can still be heard in some of the great contemporary music including that of Eve Risser, Marcin Masecki and others on our Playlist. Pushing boundaries and carrying out musical experiments are undoubtedly what has and what will continue to compose the voice of contemporary and modern music.

PLAYLIST features;

John Cage - Baccanale pour piano préparé

Izumi Kimura - Waves

Eve Risser - Solo Prepared Piano

Johanna Borchert - 'Gammel Lan' from Orechestre Ideal

Philip Glass - Metamorphosis I

Iiro Rantala - Tears for Esbjörn

Marcin Masecki - Mazurek Asdur

Alexander Hawkins - Song Singular

Keith Jarret - The Rich (And The Poor)

Thelonious Monk Quartet - Unidentified Solo Piano

Nikolai Kapustin - Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 54 Allegro Vivace

Huw Warren - Desencontro Certo - Hermeto Pascoal

Liam Noble - It Might As Well Be Spring (Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Francesco Turrisi - Pensierosa piano solo from Fotografia

Conor Walsh - One Swallow

Nils Frahm - Said And Done

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