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Hildegard Lernt Fliegen

Bern, Switzerland

Hildegard Lernt Fliegen is a rare thing - great musicianship, creative writing, but also a mischievous sense of fun and a desire to entertain. This über-jazz group are led by vocalist Andreas Schaerer - a vaudevillian front man who beguiles his audience with impressive vocal gymnastics, encompassing beat-boxing, incredible instrument mimicry, topped off with undeniable stage presence. And as our first male vocalist in the festivals history, he sets a high benchmark. But what is a frontman without a band? This is a tight sextet with music that is brimming with wit and imagination. It is jazz, but also noise art, a musical cabaret, rock, rap and morbid polka with a little Kurt Weill and Frank Zappa aftertaste. One of the most creative music projects Switzerland has to offer, this is a live show that will quicken the pulse, lacing jazzy exuberance with quirky humour. Dangerously enjoyable.