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Brussels, Belgium

With a band name taken from the opening track of Miles Davis’s cult album ‘Miles in the Sky’, Brussels based STUFF are on a similar quest for genre busting transformative groove music.
The quintet draws on a plethora of styles to create their own unique sound, from broken hip-hop to electronic and jazz influenced future funk. Drummer Lander Gyselinck and bassist Dries Laheye weave through myriad grooves, laying a tight foundation for saxophonist Andrew Claes & the keys of Joris Caluwaerts, augmented by the turntables of Menno Steensels. Their sound is crammed full of references to contemporary electronic dance music, 70′s soul, 90’s hip-hop, and past, present & future beat. And, rather like Miles in ‘69, STUFF offer up 21st century electronic music with the fickleness of jazz, but one that doesn’t require a key to enjoyment or understanding.