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IBRAHIM ELECTRIC has during the last couple of years been one of the most popular European jazz groups... These 3 personal instrumentalists have - besides the popularity with this group - made a name for themselves as some of the most striking on their respective instruments in Scandinavia.

The Danish trio IBRAHIM ELECTRIC never disappoints. Their quirky – provocative – extroverted - original music sticks its fingers into just about every musical cookie jar... and sends cascades of pearls from the speakers.

IBRAHIM ELECTRIC’s style is not for the pedantic. There are elements of old fashioned soul/jazz – AFRObeat - 60’s acid-power-beat - and of course the trio’s trademark: the fast, almost-punk passages in which the three musicians merge into one playful organism.

Each of the band-members possess an extremely high level of musical ENERGY, and they have a mutual love for the pure energy in the music... This has made this unit extraordinary!

Whether Niclas is playing a guitar solo in the spirit of Ali Farka Toure...Jeppe is playing a solo that leads your mind to the Hammond-icons of the 1960’s...or Stefan is playing a drum-solo with avantgarde elements, the one thing that overshines it all, is their love for playing and performing, and the sheer intensity of their expression!

This trio is a fantastic live experience ! - an experience which has been delivered in following countries so far: USA – Canada – Morocco – Brazil – Denmark – England – Ireland – Scotland – Poland – Sweden – Norway – Finland – France – Germany – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia – Netherlands – China – Korea – Thailand !

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Gets under your skin and into your blood faster than a Ganges parasite... with their irresistible guitar motifs and cantering percussion, Ibrahim Electric could be the soundtrack for a spaghetti western in Mali
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Ibrahim Electric ‘kicks ass’! These 3 young musicians display some seriously large reserves of energy... This is better than Viagra!
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Do you remember the feeling of listening to a band for the first time and being completely blown away by the sheer majesty of the performance? For those of you who have experienced this, be prepared for it to happen again. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, you will understand. Prepare yourself for Ibrahim Electric!
Hammond Beat


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