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Boubacar Traoré

Losseni Kone - Calabash
Vincent Bucher - Harmonica

During the 1960s, in the heady early days of Malian independence, he was the first to play Mandingo-based music on electric guitar, providing the soundtrack to a new Africa. After a lengthy absence, Traoré has in recent years, taken back his place among the superstars of Malian music; a country that, even by African standards, seems to yield more musical talent per square foot than anywhere else on the planet.

His mix of Malian blues and African influences in the pentatonic style reflects the history, lives, hopes, aspirations and frustrations of his native Kayes in Western Mali, striking a similar musical and emotional chord with the music of his northern Malian friend Ali Farka Toure. His most recent album release in 2011 – Mali Denhou – demonstrates his soulful, laidback style – a mix of rhythmic blues riffs accompanied by n’goni, calabash, balafon and harmonica.

This concert on July 14th is an opportunity to witness one of Africa’s greatest guitar legends, ahead of his headlining appearance at the 30th anniversary at WOMAD festival in the UK.

Please Note: Our apologies but this venue is NOT wheelchair accessible

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