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Pendulum - Muktha

Swiss singer Sarah Büchi, currently vocalist in residence at Newpark music Centre, returns to The Pendulum to offer us further insights into Indian music with the aptly titled Muktha, meaning freedom in Sanskrit. It's an area she has immersed herself in, with studies at Bangalore's famed Karnatic College of Percussion, and the results are apparent in her use of its demanding rhythmic and vocal techniques in both jazz and traditional contexts. The latter is demonstrated in this concert's first half, where she performs classical compositions in duo with visiting Carnatic percussionist Karthik Mani, son of the great T.A.S. Mani. This evolving artist is already making inroads in bridging the two traditions to create an arresting fusion of styles, and joining Büchi and Mani after the break are Pianist Justin Carroll, guitarist Simon Jermyn and bassist Michael Coady to perform her own Carnatic inspired jazz material.

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