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International Jazz Day, Friday 30th April 2021

Friday 30th April 2021 is International Jazz Day, and we want to celebrate Irish jazz!

What is International Jazz Day?

International Jazz Day was designated by UNESCO in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe. Jazz Day brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots, future and impact.

Fundamentally it’s a great opportunity to celebrate this incredible genre of music, its history, variety and innovation, and for us at IMC it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the constant creativity of Irish jazz artists.


Even in the midst of lockdowns, Ireland's amazing musicains and our friends at the organisations, festivals, series and clubs on the Irish jazz scene have continued to make some fantastic music. We have suggestions for you to enjoy every hour of the day for International Jazz Day. Some short, some long, with different types of music for all curious ears. Enjoy!

01:00 Niwel Tsumbu & Eamonn Cagney at Hotter than July
02:00 Piece by Piece #6: Paul Dunlea
03:00 Blind Date Jazz Episode 2: Izumi Kimura + Lina Andonovska
04:00 Svetlana Rudenko, Michael Buckley, & Ronan Guilfoyle at the Hugh Lane Gallery
05:00 Scott’s Jazz Club Bites
06:00 Aengus Hackett ‘Shimmer’
07:00 Dana Masters ‘Call You Home’
08:00 Matthew Halpin ‘Agreements’
09:00 Piece by Piece #12: Jenna Harris
10:00 Jennifer McMahon ‘Love Making’
11:00 Roamer at Jazz Connective Lyon
12:00 City of Derry Jazz Festival: Gigs at the Guildhall
13:00 Brilliant Corners Festival from Moving on Music
14:00 Cora Venus Lunny & Izumi Kimura at the Hugh Lane Gallery
15:00 Linley Hamilton Quintet at Limerick Jazz Festival
16:00 Origin Story ‘Good Friday’
17:00 ‘The Rhythm Section Presents’ at The Sugar Club
18:00 Carole Nelson ‘Shinrin Yoku'
19:00 Christine Tobin & Phil Robson at Limerick Jazz Festival
20:00 Kevin Lawlor Quartet at Wexford Arts Centre
21:00 Blind Date Jazz Episode 3: Mike Nielsen + Cathal Roche
22:00 International Jazz Day All-Stars Concert
Piece by Piece #2: Nick Roth & Olesya Zdorovetska
00:00 Eris 136199 ‘Sleeping Dragon’

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Get in the mood

Our 'This is Irish Jazz' playlist is a good place to discover Irish jazz and improvised music!

If you prefer the classics, why not discover what Irish artists have done with some of the great standards?

You can find lots more playlists and enjoy some more great Irish jazz, if you click through to our Spotify! And if you're not a Spotify person, don't worry, you can find more playlists on our Youtube or Soundcloud.

Or for an alternative, try ringing in to your local radio station and asking them to play some of your favourite jazz for the day that's in it!


Since we can't enjoy live music just at the moment, buying an album from an Irish artist is a great way to find some music to lift your spirits in these dark days, and to support artists. Most artists have lost the majority of their income due to the COVID-19 crisis, because of concerts cancelled.

Look through our ALBUM LISTINGS to find your next favourite album by an Irish/Irish-based jazz artist.

Friday 7th May will be a great day to buy albums on Bandcamp, because Bandcamp are waiving all their fees for that one day, meaning your money goes directly to the artist. If you find an album you love on Bandcamp, why not bookmark it to buy on Friday 7th May?

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