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SPECTRUM DJackulate & special guests

Having recently won the ‘Clash of the Titans’ world freestyle championship in Berlin, Dublin born and based multi-instrumentalist, turntablist and sample artist Djackulate (aka Jack Dempsey Mc Mahon) will perform a unique live collaboration at SPECTRUM 2019 with two special guests.

With a wide range of musical influences stemming from a life time of mining records for odd samples, and experience playing various musical instruments like saxophone, uilleann pipes, kaval and musical saw, McMahon has recently began to try distil this knowledge and apply it to his performances focused around a turntable, with striking results.

Having just won the World freestyle scratching title in Berlin at the "Clash Of the Titans" World championship, and just back from a 3 week run on Broadway as a musician for the dance show "Velocity", Mr McMahon is also a very keen collaborator.

Working with the likes of jazz heartthrobs, Jeff Ballard, and Tim Berne, scoring and performing for theatre projects, and collaborating with improvising musicians and artists around Europe, he seems to find comfort outside his comfort zone.

Djackulate is a member of Dublin improvising experimental jazz outfit "OKO". He is also a core member of international high octane skratch music loons "The Skratch Lords".

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