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Georgi sareski quartet
Georgi sareski quartet

12 Points 2010 in Stavanger, Norway, opened with music from one of Europe's Easternmost outposts, asserting yet again that jazz creativity thrives throughout the continent, away from the traditional urban centres and off the beaten track. From Macedonia comes guitarist Georgi Sareski, adding something personable to the rich musical life of The Balkans. Since graduating from Berklee, Sareski has become a fulcrum of Skopje's jazz scene, honing an impressive unit with Dzijan Emin (french horn, melodica), Oliver Josifovski (bass) and Goce Stevkovski(drums), and recording four CDs, the latest of which sees him collaborating with a previous 12 Points participant, Italian trumpeter Luca Aquino. Aside from confident playing, there is a strong compositional personality at work here, where Balkan meters meet popular dance forms, driven forward by an irrepressible style and an occasional taste for the absurd.

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