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Marco Mezquida MADRID web
Marco Mezquida MADRID web

Menorcan born pianist and composer Marco Mezquida has already amassed an impressive catalogue of work and accolades that, at 29 years old, many artists would consider their life’s output. Highly regarded in his native Spain, he has been awarded Musician of the Year on 4 consecutive occasions by Catalonia’s Association of Jazz and regularly performs with his eponymous trio in addition to soloist work in chamber & symphonic orchestras. He is a versatile improviser and arranger writing works for large and small ensembles, theatre and film.

Like many pianists Mezquida began his career in the classical realm, while in later years, under the direct tutelage of of piano luminaries such Fred Hersch and the late John Taylor he turned his attention to jazz and the fertile landscape of improvisation.

His first solo album in 2013, the aptly named “La Hora Fértil” (The Fertile Time) showcased his sophisticated, intense and bright pianism as well as a wealth of improvisational ideas reflecting both his Spanish heritage as well as his broad idiomatic understanding of piano music across genres, adopting concepts freely from the classical and jazz canons, the vanguard, free improvisation, rock and flamenco.

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“Something of a magician at the piano... it's a spiritual journey, an aesthetic storm.”

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