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Cactus Truck

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you appreciated the visceral edge of previous Dutchmen at 12 Points like Knalpot and Ambush Party, then Cactus Truck should be right up your street. Like many of his countrymen with a yen for the crucible of free improvisation, Wyoming reared saxophonist John Dikeman settled in Amsterdam, connecting with fellow dOek Collectivists, guitarist Jasper Stadhouders and drummer Onno Govaert, to form this corrosive trio in 2010.  Firmly rooted in the Dutch lineage of no-wave bands like The Ex and Scandinavian noiseniks like The Thing, this is not for the delicately disposed.  All the volatile materials excluded from polite musical circles are embraced here with full-blooded gusto. Physical, fast and punky, you’ll be a better person for immersing yourself briefly in the alternate world of Cactus Truck.