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Hilde Marie Holsen

Oslo, Norway

Our first solo trumpet performance at 12 Points with Oslo based Hilde Marie Holsen introducing a unique world of sonic exploration.
Holsen’s oeuvre consists of creating vast & incredibly nuanced improvised soundscapes rich in emotive language woven with real time processing of her instrument blurring all lines between trumpet and electronics. Technology plays an increasingly a fundamental part in the contemporary improvisers palette, radically expanding the tonal and sonic possibilities of an instrument to sketch out new landscapes, and, with Holsen, it’s clear from her command of this analogue-digital intersection that the technology exists only to serve her clear musical intent. After obtaining her degree in jazz trumpet, Holsen continued on to a Masters in performed music technology at the Norwegian Academy of Music, fascinated by the possibilities of digital impressionism. From heavily distorted drones to the soft clicking of the trumpet's valves, Holsen weaves a digi-organic musical landscape, at times melancholic, at times angry, sometimes plaintive, but constantly in the flux of the distinctive multiplier of technology. With her solo debut “Ask” released to much critical acclaim last year on the Norwegian Hubro label, home to last years Norwegian trio Moskus, Holsen is a distinctive and singular Scandinavian talent.