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Marcin Masecki

Warsaw, Poland

"Marcin Masecki has become one of the most creative and original musicians of the new generation, recording and performing as a member of a jazz ensemble, but also as a performer of avant-garde and pop music." www.culture.pl

Pianist, composer, conductor, independent label fixer; Warsaw native Marcin Masecki has a lot of musical balls in the air. He’s also curious, an excellent quality in any musician, and it comes to the fore in projects that include writing for the Polonezy brass ensemble, directing the Warsaw Orchestra of Recreation and playing in punk cabaret band Paris Tetris. When he’s alone, he play piano and very well too. A previous winner of the Moscow piano competition, his latest solo release pays skewed homage to Scarlatti, with the characteristic appetite for mischief and upcycling that defines his musical output. But make no mistake, this is a very thoughtful pianist who is evangelical about classical music, determined to make it relevant to his audience on his own terms.


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