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Copenhagen, Denmark

The everyman avantgardists in SVIN are on a mission to break down genre barriers, with a brash jazz attitude, and a sound that is light years from the land of straight-ahead. Their unorthodox approach to instrumental music is one that infuses Sonic Youth’s repressed aggression with Arvo Pärts’s fragile melodic vein, all wrapped in an energetic African infused drum fest. At times its a dark, angry drone of heavy riffs and detuned instruments, but can then break, gasping, into an almost fragile chamber melody. The power-punkish chords of guitarist Lars Bech Pilgaard ignite the reeds of saxophonist Henrik Pultz Melbye and keys of Adi Zukanovic’s synthesizers, while the ever-energetic drummer Thomas Eiler is a force to be reckoned with.