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Violet Spin

Vienna, Austria

"An exciting, pleasurable journey to often unknown musical horizons" - (Renald Deppe in the programme of 'Porgy & Bess' Vienna on the Improv concert)

Violet Spin follow in the footsteps of previous 12 Points string quartets, Amsterdam’s Zapp and Vienna’s  RSQV. They’re also from Vienna, that city at the meeting points of European culture, and its reflected in the music they make, straddling classicism, folk traditions and improvisation. Conceived by the award winning violinist Irene Kepl and drawing on equally open minded string players on the Viennese scene has, Violet Spin share a joyful, uninhibited approach to playing contemporary groove based music, drawn from disparate sources and stitched together with real improvisational authority. Joining Kepl are violinist Paul Dangl, violist Magdalena Zenz and cellist Fabian Jäger.